Dating Dilemmas 1….Teeth

So over the years, I’ve come across a few difficulties during dating. The first one is teeth. I’m fussy, I’ll admit it. But I am also really interested in the science behind attraction…what is it and how important is that elusive ‘spark’?

I went on a date recently where I met up with a very hot guy, but was put off by his teeth. At the same time, I was mesmerised by them. I hadn’t really seen them on his profile pictures, so I was quite surprised by them on meeting. They were nice and white, but quite prominent, with a gap between the front ones. They did seem to get smaller as the date progressed….maybe because I liked him more? So maybe they aren’t a total dealbreaker? The dating didn’t progress far enough to know whether I would have ever fully got used to them! It’s interesting though because he later popped up on Tinder and I thought, I might not have swiped right because of his teeth….so maybe I am ruling people out too soon? Maybe I should be more open? How often does everyone else swipe right??


My experiences so far

I’ve been online dating on and off for years. I’ve decided to start this blog because I thought….I can’t believe some of the things that have happened and I think it would be interesting to share some of my odd experiences with other people. Feel free to share some of your experiences and weird stories too!

I’ve recently had some….almost success…I saw two guys for 3-4 dates. The first guy was lovely. We got on really well, he was studying to be a counsellor and loved cats (I love cats too)….but he confided he’s got issues with alcoholism and a mental health problem and isn’t in the right place for a relationship. The second guy I fancied, he’s a part time magician and we had 4 lovely dates including the last one, going to a lovely local historic town. We got on really well and seemed to gel….until he decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship. I was gutted. But I decided to get back on the horse and go back on Tinder and Plenty of Fish. There must be some attractive, intelligent guys who aren’t commitment phobes??

So it’s June 2016. Very recently I have been chatting to a guy from Tinder for a few days. I saw his pictures and from chatting on WhatsApp I got him to send me a few more and I was….underwhelmed. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I’m in my mid thirties and ‘curvy’. I wear glasses, which I think guys seem to either really like or really don’t like. But still, fancying a guy physically seems important and I was unsure about this new guy. I decided to chat to him on the phone as that’s a good way of weeding out the guys that are totally not my type. First thing I noticed…a smokers cough…and he sounded a bit rough…maybe his accent? But he wants to do an OU degree, then do a masters in criminology, so I thought…maybe I’ll preserve and try not to be too judgemental. His questions to me were…what car do I drive and what is my favourite drink….not exactly deep stuff. He then said he’s dominant in the bedroom (oh dear!) so I decided that’s it, the smoking, the photos and sex stuff…so I ended the call and sent him a WhatsApp message saying thanks but no thanks….the next thing…I get a dick pic! Well at least my instincts were right. I want a guy who is a bit naughty, but why do some guys think all girls want dick picks????….So it’s back to the drawing board.