Dating Dilemmas 1….Teeth

So over the years, I’ve come across a few difficulties during dating. The first one is teeth. I’m fussy, I’ll admit it. But I am also really interested in the science behind attraction…what is it and how important is that elusive ‘spark’?

I went on a date recently where I met up with a very hot guy, but was put off by his teeth. At the same time, I was mesmerised by them. I hadn’t really seen them on his profile pictures, so I was quite surprised by them on meeting. They were nice and white, but quite prominent, with a gap between the front ones. They did seem to get smaller as the date progressed….maybe because I liked him more? So maybe they aren’t a total dealbreaker? The dating didn’t progress far enough to know whether I would have ever fully got used to them! It’s interesting though because he later popped up on Tinder and I thought, I might not have swiped right because of his teeth….so maybe I am ruling people out too soon? Maybe I should be more open? How often does everyone else swipe right??


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