Dating Dilemmas 2….To Message or not to Message

So one of the odd things about online dating is how intense it can be. If you’ve been chatting to a guy on Tinder or POF and you take it to WhatsApp, how often should you message each other? And what are safe topics of discussion?

In the modern day we are contactable 24/7. Even at work we might find time to have a quick nosey at our phone when making a cuppa or popping out for lunch. That can mean that someone you have been chatting to for a couple of weeks can feel like someone you have known for months. Plus if you are an open person like me and like to have the odd evening glass of wine you can end up telling them your life story in the name of ‘conversation’. So is that good or bad? It can certainly mean you feel more comfortable when you finally meet, but if someone isn’t as good as you at messaging back, or suddenly stops messaging you as much, it can be very confusing and a bit stressful. I think I need to try and limit the number and/or times of day I message. I also find it difficult, if chatting to a few different guys at the same time, or in quick succession, I forget who said what…which can be very….awkward!

Also the other thing is….sex. When should you discuss it? On the one hand you need to know if you are sexually compatible and if you are into the same kind of things. On the other hand it’s a slippery slope to sexting! They it places a lot of pressure on the first meeting and it’s more upsetting if you don’t fancy each other! Still….it is definitely fun!!


2 thoughts on “Dating Dilemmas 2….To Message or not to Message

  1. I think every situation is different and the most important thing is to a) be yourself and b) don’t get too ahead of yourself! Take it one conversation at a time and adapt to the tempo of the other persOn.


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