Dating Dilemmas 4…..Tinder – The Very First Message

So (finally) you get a match. If they have chosen “keep playing” is it a waste of time to message them? If you are online when the match pops up, what should your first message be? I wonder if there is a message that’s particularly good as an opener? I’ve tried making jokey comments, tends not to go down well, but all you have to go on is photos! It’d be interesting to know what other people say first!


4 thoughts on “Dating Dilemmas 4…..Tinder – The Very First Message

  1. Humour is always good- it breaks the ice! Some guys are uptight, I guess. 😦

    Trying to think of a witty opener. Like you, I think it should be light and jokey! A recent opener I used was “that hat suits you.” Anyhow, there was more to it, and it led to a dinner date:).

    I don’t think there is a magical opener…just keep being yourself and have fun!


    • Thanks 🙂 I think if a guy messages me and I like his pictures, as long as he doesn’t say anything that I dislike, I’ll message back. For my first message, I try to say something which requires a response so they have a way into the conversation. It’s trial and error (and fluke). I get on better with Plenty of Fish than Tinder to be honest!


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