Monday Night’s Date with ‘Tall Guy’

So how did it go?

Good…I think! So we decided to go for a Thai meal to start with, which was nice as we could chat without it being too intense. I suppose I hadn’t thought what we would do after, but we didn’t have starters or pudding, so it was over quite quickly. We went to a nearby bar, which was quite quiet so we could talk.

So he’s an attractive guy. He has a lovely face and he’s tall (a foot taller than me which may be a problem for kissing as I have a bad neck ) He does a practical job with his hands, but he’s also involved with his family business, so he’s a busy guy. He has ADHD and dyslexia. I kinda figured the dyslexia from his messages and I’m not bothered by that. The ADHD is interesting as I haven’t come across many adults with it (or none who have mentioned it). So the thing I noticed is that he was pretty distracted by things going on around him and it made it a. more difficult to tell if he was a. interested in what I was saying and b. he was harder to read in general. There were more silences that I am usually comfortable with, but he pointed out that silence isn’t a bad thing. He did make a bit less eye contact, but it will be interesting to see what changes if we carry on seeing each other.

So right now, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic. We have another date planned for Friday.

I made the mistake of going back online to check my messages…and he was online. Very hypocritical, but I felt a bit nervous seeing him online! It’s that ‘what are the rules of when you should stop checking your messages and/or messaging other people’ dilema. When should you put all your eggs in one basket?




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