Second Date with ‘Tall Guy’

Ahhh where do I start?

So we decided we wanted another date. He came over to my flat after work. We had a takeaway and watched a film. I wasn’t on top form as I have a long term  condition which causes me pain and it was playing up. He was really sweet and gave me a lovely massage. He’d been very sweet about it earlier in the day and I’d wondered….is he too good to be true?

I feel torn….he’s lovely. Caring and attractive and very keen. But a part of me feels like something is missing. A few times in conversation I felt like…wow we are really different. And conversation didn’t flow as much as it has with other people. We chatted about some really personal topics and I felt a bit…uncomfortable. Also he left at 11pm and I kinda felt like that was enough. I know how I’ve felt with one or two other guys and it was…”I don’t want you to go”, so that to me was a sign. The human heart is very complicated though because I don’t know exactly why I feel like I do. What do I tell him?





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