The Bad Bits of Dating

So I told ‘Tall Guy’ last night that I didn’t want another date.

I think I was more upset than he was.

I knew he was busy in the day and would be busy until the latter part of next week. I suggested we have a phone chat, but he pre-empted me by asking via WhatsApp if I wanted another date! Well, it’s not me to lie or to give a vague answer, so I told him the truth…that I didn’t know.

He was very sweet about the whole thing and he rang me. We chatted for an hour about things. It was such a frank conversation and I think, although I always find it upsetting ending things, if you can have an honest chat like that and really give reasons, it helps you both. The last guy who ended it with me did it via WhatsApp messages and I think that’s pretty cowardly!


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