My dates with ‘Soon-to-be-Divorced Guy’

So I’ve been on two more dates with a new guy. As you may have guessed from the title, he’s separated from his wife and soon to be divorced. He has two children and was clear he doesn’t want any more. I am undecided and so I thought, what the hell, he’s attractive let’s give it a go.

I did my usual thing of letting it get a bit too intense too quickly via messaging. I decided we should speak on the phone before we had a date. After the phone call I kinda knew he probably wasn’t for me. But I wanted to meet up anyway. We’d planned to go to an exhibition on the Saturday, but I got a bit panicky and wanted to meet sooner, so we went to a pub for a few drinks earlier in the week. We seemed to have a lot in common. He looked great. There was probably something about his personality that didn’t quite do it for me, but it was this noise he made that was the biggest turn off for me. Like a hum through his nose? He obviously had no idea he was doing it and I’m sure other women might find it cute?

Anyway, so we went to the art exhibition yesterday and then sat in the sun for a few drinks. We had a lovely time, but I didn’t change my mind. I told him later I’d like to be friends and he agreed, so hopefully we’ll go and do something else arty in a few weekends time.

I’ve decided there is no point trying to work out the secret formula for what I want and who would be right for me. It’s just too complicated. I need to just go on dates and (hopefully) see when it feels right!

Nice to have a friend out of it 🙂 And the search goes on……..




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