Date with a Sculptor

So on Thursday night I went out on a first date with a new guy.

I wasn’t sure about him as he doesn’t have the look I usually go for. Actually he was better looking that his WhatsApp profile picture suggested. We went out for dinner (we split it) after going to look at an exhibition. We then went to a whisky bar (no I don’t like whisky).

So how was it?……I’m not even really sure. I think I felt a little underwhelmed. He is interesting and there was banter….but I was left feeling like I would never be able to read him emotionally. Perhaps he has become a little too much like the stone he carves? He also said he had another date lined up for Saturday. I realise we hadn’t agreed to date exclusively or anything, but I like to at least feel he would consider it if the date went well!

Perhaps I am also influenced by seeing ‘Soon-to-be-Divorced Guy’ as a “friend” which has been fun.

Ach the world of internet dating (or maybe just the world in general) remains as complicated as ever!






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