Dating Dilemmas 8……Guys with kids

It’s quite an important thing to consider….whether or not to go out with a guy with a child from a previous relationships. I’ve found the following things (so far) which might crop up:

  1. They have less time to arrange dates
  2. they are tied to one area to live because the have to be close to the Mum’s house/kids’ school
  3. Some of the guys I’ve spoken with had unprotected sex and were surprised the girl got pregnant!! (does that say something about their personality or just that they were young and stupid??)
  4. You are going to have your own opinions of how to bring up kids, whether you have your own or not
  5. What if you might want your own children…..does he?….will it be even more complicated?
  6. Some guys will ALWAYS put their children first in all things. Which is fine, but as a child I didn’t get everything I wanted and I didn’t get my parents’ attention all the time.

On the plus side it does make men learn how to tie ponytails and what to buy their children for birthdays and Christmas!

I’ll let you know if I have any more experiences with single Dads (there seems to be a lot out there).

*update- I did date another single dad, but we only had four dates, so I don’t know if I know any more that I can add here*


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