Dating Dilemmas 9……Men Who Have Cheated

Daily Post Prompt: Cheat

Should you ever trust a guy who has cheated in the past?

I’ve arranged a date with a guy who admitted he cheated in the past 6-7 years ago. He felt guilty straight away and ended it…but he never actually told her (I think she worked it out). Should you judge people on their past? Is it true what they say….once a cheat always a cheat?

I’ve decided to go on the date tomorrow anyway and see what he’s like. I’m lucky in that I don’t believe I’ve ever been cheated on. Hopefully this isn’t a mistake.


7 thoughts on “Dating Dilemmas 9……Men Who Have Cheated

  1. Cheaters come in different guises I believe. Those who have been neglected by women who they should never have married, and those who should have had their penis tattooed at birth “Caution, this belongs to a serial philanderer” in very small font so will be read once enlarged. So my advice is to tread with caution and wear magnifying bifocals in hope of a glimpse … obviously not required on first date *gasp* good luck. P S. great reply to the prompt.

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  2. Good luck! I suppose it depends on lots of factors. For example how long was he with the partner and how long did he cheat for? What are his reasons (although he may not tell the truth)? I reckon you should go on the date, but tread carefully and look out for signals 🙂

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