Second Date with ‘Single Dad’

So I’ve been on two dates with a new guy ( I’m not one to stand still). I started chatting to him very soon after it ended with ‘Soon-to-be-Divorced Guy’, but he was keen and knew he would be busy this weekend with his little girl’s birthday, so we wanted to squeeze in a date or two.

The first date was lovely. It was bank holiday Monday (when you feel great that you are swanning about instead of being at work) and we went into town. He suggested an art exhibition, which I thought was a great idea (I love it when guys can pick out something based on my interests). It was small, but some of the exhibits were really interesting. We had lunch, then had a wander on the marina and a drink in the sunshine. He took me totally by surprise kissing me, but it was nice!

The second date we went out for dinner on a week night. We’d already discussed sex and I was trying to resist bringing him back to mine…..But I didn’t! We had dinner and he came back to mine after….I don’t regret it 😉

I still want to make sure we have proper dates though!

So we’ll see what happens…it’s certainly fun though!



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