Dating Dilemmas 11…….Sexual Compatibility

How important is sexual compatibility? It’s something we never really discuss isn’t it!

Now I have certain tastes that are not uncommon, but not shared by everyone…..but I’ve found a surprising number of men like to do what I also like. I was surprised to find one to be honest (don’t worry it’s not that kinky!). I have wondered whether something on my dating profile or in my photos somehow subconsciously gives it away. I mean literally the last 5 or more guys I’ve been with have had the same preferences as me….that’s got to be more than a coincidence!

But how important is it? We all like to think sex is not the be all and end all…I agree…..but it would suck if you had very different tastes….would it ultimately be untenable?



4 thoughts on “Dating Dilemmas 11…….Sexual Compatibility

  1. As a man who’s had allot of physically demanding jobs, I have a relatively high sex drive. When a partner turns me down for sex, I find it ridiculous, as it takes so little effort. So, that’s a line for me.


      • Ya, I get that. And I honestly don’t care if they’re in the mood or not; I return the favor when I’m not – because I care about my partner’s happiness.

        Again, it takes very little physical effort. And, again, as someone who’s worked extremely demanding jobs, I can’t look at the denial of a little effort and think “well, this person clearly loves me”.

        As far as dealing with it, I simply make it clear that its a requirement, and compromise if necessary. Though keep in mind, “compromise” is a two-way street.


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