Another One Bites the Dust

So I always find it hard to write much about a guy and our dates while I’m seeing them……but it never seems to last very long anyway!

I have experienced some definite patterns in dating….but what is the cause? So….three guys have been super keen…we’ve had 3-4 really wonderful dates…then they’ve suddenly panicked and decided they aren’t ready for a relationship. ‘Single Dad’ went the very same way tonight. He’d previously been talking about the future and going on a weekend away together…then an ex decides to have a heart to heart with him and apologise for ill treating him and suddenly he goes to pieces and decides that’s it he can’t have another relationship. Only he didn’t tell me that straight out…he was stringing me along telling me he needed time to think….well I gave him a few days, but I kinda feel if a guy is happy to risk losing me, he doesn’t want me enough….so I asked him about the date we’d originally planned for Monday and he was finally fully honest. He still hasn’t given a definite answer, but I am assuming it’s over.

Has anyone else fallen foul of this problem? Is it the type of guys I go for or is it because online dating is too intense? They have always come across more keen than me initially so it doesn’t feel like I’ve done something wrong….but maybe I have!? Not sure if I’m ready to go back online just yet…..or ever!

Feeling a bit…..fragile

Daily Prompt: Fragile


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